We give workshops to introduce adults (and kids) to Arduino, the world’s favourite open source electronics prototyping platform, very popular in the maker movement. Our workshops are hands-on, introducing hardware components and the software to program the Arduino microcontroller. We enable participants to build (and understand) their first simple projects. Our aim is to get people started, and hopefully, excited about the possibilities of making! At the same time, we absolutely want to avoid adding to the mountains of electronic waste, so all our projects use a minimal set of components that can be reused for different projects, for years and years. No plastic toys piling up on the shelves. Actually, understanding electronics can enable us to fix broken stuff!


Since 2014 we have taught many workshops for adults, mostly at DimSumLabs. Since 2015 we have focused on KIDS workshops,  see kids section.

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Please contact us if you’re interested to host an Arduino workshop!

The standard workshop takes about 2 hours and does not require any previous knowledge of electronics or coding (but it definitely helps). We shortly introduce terminology, and then spend most of the time actually building little projects, putting simple components on a breadboard and connecting them to the Arduino. We connect the Arduino to a laptop to be able to write and upload a little program to it. The workshop builds up to the below project, a ‘theremin’ which is a buzzer that takes its tempo from a potentiometer and pitch from a light dependent resistor, as in below schematics. At the end you will be familiar with the basic digital and analog input/output capabilities of Arduino, enabling you to dig further into it with all the wonderful resources available on the internet.


Schematics of the simple theremin explained built step by step in our standard Arduino workshop

Check out our standard slides in the materials section.

Some pictures of the workshops mentioned above at various locations:

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