BuffaloLabs created and produced a series of laser cut topographical maps, hand made in Hong Kong. The layers are cut along contour lines, creating a 3D map. We started producing these maps in early 2017 and offered them for sale. Each item is hand made, involving mapping (GIS), laser cutting the layers, painting the baseboard blue, gluing the layers in place piece by piece and adding a frame and title block. Contact tom@cassiopeia.hk for more info, including quotes for custom maps.


LANTAU large map (55cm x 45cm, 100m contours): HK$1,500

lantau3dmapIMG_0276 - EditedIMG_20170930_133229 - Edited

LANTAU small map (28cm x 23 cm, 100m contours, no frame): HK$1,000

IMG_1822 - EditedIMG_1824 - EditedIMG-20171002-WA0001 - Edited

HONG KONG map (60cm x 50cm, 100m contours): upon request




  • 5mm plywood base with water based blue paint
  • 3mm MDF laser cut layers, attached with wood glue
  • 20mm x 20mm solid wood frame, attached with screws

Note: all maps are hand made, so final results may slightly vary from these pictures


CUSTOM map for Lantau Base Camp

IMG_20170930_133254 - Edited IMG_20170930_133237 - Edited

LANTAU coloured layers (30cm x 25cm, 100m contours)


KOREA (250m contours)


flag_of_hong_kong-svg made in Hong Kong


1) I create the maps in a GIS software package called QGIS, with coastlines from OpenStreetMaps.org and elevation data from the SRTM survey, and then i generate 100 meter contours. I separate this map into 9 layers (coastline, 100m, 200m, to 800m contour maps).

Screenshot 2017-05-10 at 17.51.50

IMG_0149 - Edited

2) I cut each contour map on the lasercutter, starting with the coastline map as in above picture, which gives me 9 groups of pieces.

IMG_0364 - Edited

3) I paint the baseboard in blue, and glue the pieces layer by layer, carefully looking on my laptop screen where the pieces should go.

IMG_20190617_102427maps in production at the MakerHive, 2019 [picture above]

IMG_0276 - Edited

4) Then i put a simple wooden frame around it.