Cassiopeia Limited is a Hong Kong registered company established by Tom Tobback in 2014.


Full stack development: from PCB design to web platform

We provide customised embedded systems for industrial automation and IoT projects, using platforms such as Arduino/Industruino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi.

Experience in C++, Python, Django, OpenWRT, Modbus RTU and TCP, MQTT, ThingsBoard, DMX, LoRaWAN with TTN and Helium, NDI, MIDI and more.


Reference projects include:

  • Modular LED display: hardware design, firmware and CMS coding for an LED display system for digital signage at a major music festival in Hong Kong (2018-present)
  • Retail traffic counting: design of a hardware device, firmware coding, cloud platform setup: manufacturing, installation, provisioning and maintenance of 70+ devices in a major Hong Kong department store  chain (2020-present)
  • Industrial sensor mesh: hardware design and firmware coding for an industrial sensor network for a European industrial filtration company (2024-present)
  • Desk booking status device: firmware for a desk display showing booking status of a desk management system at the Hong Kong offices of an international luxury brand (2023)
  • Remote data logger: firmware for an Industruino based remote monitoring system  for a European industrial filtration company (2019-2023)
  • Remote data logger: firmware for an Industruino based remote monitoring system for wrapping machines of an international stretch film supplier (2019-2023)
  • Industruino WiFi module: hardware design of a WiFi expansion module for the Industruino PLC (2021-2022)
  • Big piano: hardware and coding for a floor piano in 7 stores of a major Hong Kong department store (2021)
  • Modbus-to-Telnet communication: firmware for an Industruino based interface between a Modbus RTU master and a Helvar lighting controller with telnet for a project in Singapore (2018)
  • Building management system: firmware for an Industruino based electricity and hot/cold water consumption monitoring system in a tower block in Sri Lanka (2018)
  • many more hardware prototypes for various international customers

For more info, contact:

EDUCATIONAL SERVICES around the Arduino platform for electronic prototyping (including for kids):

We aim to get people, young and old, excited about the possibilities of making, without adding to the mountains of electronic waste. No plastic toys piling up on the shelves. All our workshop projects use a minimal set of components that can be re-used for different projects, for years and years. The same components are used in professional prototyping. Understanding electronics can enable us to fix broken stuff. Be creative with technology.
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