The DP30V5A is a cheap digital power supply with constant voltage and constant current features, so i was inspired by this video to build my own bench power supply. The only thing i had to hack to put it into a laser cut box, were the 4 control buttons. I did not bother to de-solder the segment displays and CV/CC indicator LEDs, they are visible through the window in my box. Below picture shows a DC motor running at Constant Current 250mA (set at 5.00V and 0.250A) – note the tiny CC LED is on.

IMG_20171031_090209 - Edited

First I used a random old AC/DC adapter rated for 24V 2.5A but it had some current leakage; touching the GND output of the DP30V5A was unpleasant, not painful, just annoying. When i replaced it with another adapter, same 24V 2.5A specs, this was gone.

Fortunately the 4 push buttons have large solder pads so it was easy to connect the 4 pairs of wires.

IMG_2008 - Edited

IMG_2007 - Edited

Then i designed a laser cut box in 5mm plywood, with the PCB sliding in into 2 holders on the side panels.

IMG_2009 - Edited

IMG_2042 - Edited

I added a 2.5A fuse on the positive 24V line, and then put both positive and negative through a switch in the front panel. If i had planned a little bit better, i could probably have fitted the AC/DC adapter inside the box.

The buttons are the left are for UP and DOWN, and on the right, the top button starts the SETUP mode. The square white button switches the power ON/OFF, while keeping the unit on.

With my 24V adapter, i get a maximum voltage output of just under 23V.

In hindsight, i should have put 2 LEDs in the front panel to indicate CV and CC, because they are really close on the PCB and both red, so it’s not so convenient to see the difference from a distance.

DIY bench power supply (DP30V5A)

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