I decided to give my digital power supply a nice permanent casing using the Industruino PROTO system. This is an Arduino compatible DIN-rail mountable box with an LCD screen, prototyping area, and lots of convenient connectors.

my digital power supply built into an Industruino PROTO

As described in my previous posts, the system is based on a DC/DC converter, hacked with a digital potentiometer, and a shunt resistor to measure the current. I solved the problem of low resolution of the current measurement described here by using a specialised opamp, TI INA210 with a gain of 200. I chose a 0.1 Ohm shunt resistor, which gave me a range of 0-250mA based on 5V Aref (5V/200 = max 25mV over the shunt resistor => 250mA).

The Industruino is a great platform for building this kind of projects: it enabled me to include all the components in the prototyping area and use the connectors to bring in the 12V from the wall wart, and 2 wires for the output.

prototyping area inside the Industruino PROTO

The result is:

  • DC/DC converter driven by a digital potentiometer and PID control
  • Set target voltage with the buttons on the Industruino panel: up/down and enter to confirm target voltage
  • Shunt resistor with opamp to measure the current (0-250mA range)
  • LCD shows target voltage, output voltage, output current
  • DIN-rail mountable robust housing for Arduino project

More details on the Industruino blog.

Digital power supply built into an Industruino Proto system
INDUSTRUINO digital power supply

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